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  深圳市绿之宇科技有限公司工厂图片 Oasis Eco Technology Co., Ltd. (namely Oaetc), with a total investment capital of RMB30 million, is a professional firm engages in the R&D, production and marketing of surface treatment technology. For many years, Oaetc has been investing on surface 3D effect treatment (vision3D paint) project. Until 2005, this applications technology was materialized and applied for the innovation patent.

In the end of 2005, Oaetc started applying vision3D paint on glass, and manufactured magnificent 3Dglass and registered trademark as "PHANTOM 3D GLASS". After series of exhibitions and promotion, PHANTOM 3D was well recognized by consumers, and designers. In 18 months, over 300 distributor and dealers have joined the distribution network in China. Besides, partners in Hong Kong, Macau, and overseas were established.

This technology has been widely used in different material and range of products. Starting from glass, Phantom3D painted to be interior decorative glass panel, acrylic, and laminated glass; as well as daily use product like slide-doors, plate, wash basin and mugs. Presently, it applies on metal, plastics, and fabric leather. Related product includes cover of PC mouse, mini-HD, furniture.

Looking forward, we are seeing Phantom3D continues to bring new "look-n-wear" to not just interior decoration, but also electronic appliance and other daily wares. Afterall, lead the trend of stereographic surface treatment.

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