Flat Planel / DRIFT Series
Product Briefing

The vague, intangible patterns and magnificent colors could provoke our sense of wonder and lull us into a dreamlike state. While it is our new series product - DRIFT GLASS. Drift glass is processed with advanced computer paint-spary technology, high class environmental-friendly material and unique manufacturing craft. It presents lots of elegant artworkds and can definitely bring great pleassure to consumers.

Product Specification

1. Full Panel
Standard Size: 1830 x 2440mm
Thickness : 5mm

2. Standard Title
Standard Size: 300x300mm/300x600/600x600mm
Thickness: 5mm

Tailormade: Can thicken to 8/10/12/15mm. Can be Tempered

3. Acrylic Panel
Standard Size : 1220x2440mm
Thickness: 4mm


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