Flat Planel / Dark Color -3D
Product Briefing

PHANTOM 3D Glass is formed with a properortary coating technology that renders a unique "stereoscopic" effter. Enhanced spatial contrast and clear pattern dealineation imparts the surface vivid grahics that are eyepleasing. An additional protective coating or membrance on the backside gives the glass durability and safety. This technology is protected by several patents.

Product Specification

1. Full Panel
Standard Size: 1830 x 2440mm (6ft x 8ft)
Thickness: 5mm

2. Standard Title
Standard Size : 300x300mm/300x600/600x600mm
Thickness: 5mm

3. Laminated Glass
Standard Size: 1750x2440mm
Thickness : 5+5mm

4. Translucent-3D
Standard Size : 1830x2440mm
Thickness: 5mm

Tailormade : Can thicken to 8/10/12/15mm. depending on pattern design. Can be tempered.

5. Acrylic Panel
Standard Size: 1220x2440mm
Thickness: 4mm
Tailormade : Can thicken to 5/8mm. depending on pattern design.


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