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  Phantom3D is a proprietary coating technology which was developed and patented by Oasis Eco Technology Co. Ltd. The technology renders any smooth surface a unique "stereographic" effect. Enhanced spatial contrast and clear pattern delineation imparts the surface vivid graphics. The technology is protected by several patterns.

PHANTOM 3D Glass is one series of products of Phantom3D Paint, with painting on the back of glass construction materials. The glass is then further polished and processed to magnify the 'magical' stereoscopic effect which creates unique outfit for interior decoration. The paint forms a supportive membrane at the back of glass that improves its durability and safety performance when receiving impact.

The product of PHANTOM 3D Glass includes wall panel, floor tile, mosaic, acrylic glass, laminated glass and, sanitary ware. Over 20 patterns and each of them consists of choices of 9 different colors are provided for choices. More patterns, and color will be launched in near future.
Other series includes, but not exclusive, plastics ware, metal wares, and etc.

Main Product Advantages:
  • Metallic glossy color, 3D effect stands from plains patterns.
  • Applicable on any smooth surface of materials like glass, metal, plastics and man-made leather.
  • Wide usage on interior decoration (such as Hotels, Restaurants, Casino, Bars, Pubs, Cafés) and daily merchandise (such as PC mouse, Mug, Plate, furniture..)
  • High quality and safety (Highly scratch resistance, resist corrosion and chemical attacks, tempered treatment or lamination of membrane)
  • Easy for installation (cutting, drilling, grinding, sandblasting...)

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